We have launched new version assets insurance product for 『Yield Farmer』: Safety Helmet Borrowing Market (Version 1.0).

Menwhile, liquidity mining borrowing reward will start at

2020/19/11 0:00 GMT+8

SHV1.0 based on the hedging logic of options to allow anyone to create any variety of token insurance products on Ethereum, protecting the value of LP (Liquidity provider)TOKEN during AMM market making. It supports multiple innovative mechanisms such as dual order placement in both private and public pools, automatic premium calculation and flexible collateralized lease etc. Any user can realize complex hedge options through the simple action of borrowing a helmets.


As long as you hold the LP token of these Uniswap four pairs LP Token

Congratulations!You can deposite them to payaso mining pool to farm PAYA Tokens.

Just need 3 steps

Step 1,Creat UniSwap LP Token of [ETH-DAI] /[ETH-USDT] /[ETH-USDC] /[ETH-wBTC] at uniswap.org.

Step 2, select the matching pools in the “ LP Minning “and deposite LP Token.

Step 3, claim your PAYA reward in the navigation bar “Wallet”.

Liquidity mining reward period of 30 days,enjoy it!

Hi, I’m Lancelot, again .

I’m happy to announce that we are going to officially launch our Defi Option insurance product:

In version 0.1 we’ve proved the viability of the product. Next, we aim to get more users and initiate real governance, therefore we’ll forward the PAYASO governance token “PAYA” to the community users.

Currently, most Tokens can’t avoid the price death spiral and progressively loses the incentive to community members after which day they were created .“Slow mining” is not friendly to community members any more.

The universe was born from the Big Bang——the…

We collected 146 applications in one week through email, social media, etc., but the vast majority of them had only the Ethereum address and no other information. We would love to communicate with every submitter, but the testing of the 1.0 product takes up most of the time, so we cannot connect with every submitter. We can only choose those applicants who submitted more information. Please forgive us for doing this. If we have a large team, we would indeed have done a better job.

Lancelot and I communicated with applicants and got a lot of advice, including Layer 2…

In 1621 Paris, Pierre de Fermat bought a copy of the latest French translation of Diophantus’ book, Arithmetic. In the margins of the book, he wrote in a few lines the succinct but astounding Fermat’s Conjecture: “The equation x^n + y^n = z^n has no solutions in positive integers for n greater than 2” At the end of his essay, he left the sentence “For this, I have found a truly wonderful proof, but the margin is too small to contain it.

Over the next 350 years, countless famous mathematicians worldwide have directly or indirectly triggered several major theoretical upgrades…

An insurance protocol to protect against asset price volatility

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The advent of AMMs (Automated Market Makers) allows individuals to act as a trading medium on the chain — providing liquidity or trading directly and swapping roles after a reversal of returns. It is fundamentally reversing the way centralized exchanges profited by monopolizing liquidity to generate profits.

As the market evolved, more SWAP products bring up with more derivatives. More attractive APYs (annualized returns) emerged, making liquidity mining a high-yielding chain asset strategy, but the boom has always been risky.

Under the AMMs regime, traders tend to have an informational advantage over liquidity providers. When the market is stable, liquidity…


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